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March 1, 2006
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ship wrecked by Bob-Rz ship wrecked by Bob-Rz
'you need to get over Jenna, forget about her and start dating again.' 'you need to find someone new to get Jenna out of your thoughts.'


i agree wholeheartedly, but i don't know how to find a date. it's not like i can just fill out an aplication and hope for an interview. i never asked Jen out, she came to me and --with a little help from Renee-- we got togather, and had a splended two years. now i'm single again and i am left with no more dating skills that i had before. (well ok, that's not entirely true, i've learned quite a few little tricks for use in a relationship, but that dont help with the finding of the relationship.)

this is an old drawing that i finaly scanned and colored. so the angstfull cry that the comic represents is kinda outdated. a sentiment from a few months ago. i'm better know, partly because people have stopped buggin me about it.

for those of you who might feel compelled to give me a pep talk or advise me in the fine art of pickin up women, don't bother. beleve me the sympathys that have been expressed in responce to my other angsty, depressing comics has been much appreciated. but right now i'm actualy not all that depressed. quite the contrary, i'm feeling rather chipper. no more emo Bob. (well for now anyway)

i think i see an island off in the distance.
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hito-w Feb 8, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I acknowledge I'm TERRIBLY late while I make this comment, but the same thing happenned to me about a year ago and, well, after dating this guy about two years, I feel the exact same way as you described up there.
Not sure If I wrote this to you or to myself, but, haha, here you go.

Thanks anyway :)
saintvulcan May 13, 2009  Student General Artist
hey i can see my raft in the distance! omg its deflating! lol
this is EXACTLEY how i feel right now :(
My name is Jenna..
Meaningless-name Oct 3, 2008   Traditional Artist
your medphors and puns...make me happy^^
haha first time i read that i thought it said "well you need to get laid" xD
love your comics, clever and funneh
Annachuu Jan 6, 2008  Hobbyist
You know, people tend to go on and on like it's the end of the world when we turn single, but being single isn't exactly the end of the world as they seem to perceive; gives us more time for ourselves. Anyway, I think it's better to wait for the person to come rather than go around looking for someone because when love happens, it just happens. :)
I'm not late with this comment, am I? :XD:
I was told this alot when I was single.

"You just need to find someone". Usually it was to escape the feelings I had for a particular someone...

And this image is pretty much what I was thinking when people told me "You'll find someone someday."

Now that I'm out of a relationship I don't feel as bad, but this image reminds me of when I did...
Hangman13 Feb 27, 2007
Y'know what? I know exactly how that feels.
Lemme explain...kinda:

About 4 or 5 months ago, I had a girlfriend. I would say, my first. My first REAL girlfriend. I had no part in hooking us up in fact, it was all my friends' doing. 'Twas the most embarrassing lunch I've ever had to sit through, but I'm rather thankful it happened. The three months following were great! A few problems, but nothing big and mostly because we ourselves were inexperienced. This was the first time saying "I love you" to someone who was more than a friend to you.
Three months down the line, things happen, she leaves me. I was devastated. For the next month or so I was so mopey and, yea, emo. I used that word too. I had to go through seeing her every day, feeling that emptiness, because I couldn't just walk up to her and put my arm around her and all that jazz. She's yet to acknowledge my existence, but I can tell. I can feel it, she knows.

Ahem!! Anyway, I know exactly how you feel though. After a while, I just got over it. It still hurts. Sometimes I "relapse" and start to miss her a lot again, but I move on.
I know, why the hell am I telling you all about this. Well, for one, I can kinda understand whats going on with you. But also, these are kinda things that I've been holing up inside, not really expressing so I figure if I get it out to someone I don't know, but maybe I'll feel a little better about it. Or not, but at least I know you've never met me so you can't really say something to me tomorrow in school or something.

Anyway, love your comics. Still going through them. I think I'll add you to my watch list.
you are a very talented man *_* i hope it's kinda over now :hug:
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